aperturas psicoanalíticas

aperturas psicoanalíticas

revista internacional de psicoanálisis

Número 011 2002 Revista Internacional de Psicoanálisis Aperturas

Temario Psych. Dial., 12, 1 (2002)

Autor: Aperturas Psicoanalíticas


A Journal of Relational Perspectives

Volume 12                                  2002                                                Number 1
Symposium on Louis Sander's Integration of Emerging
Knowledge of Early Development, Biological Systems,
and Therapeutic Process*
Stephen Seligman, D.M.H., Symposium Editor

                            Louis Sander and Contemporary Psychoanalysis: An Introduction
                                    Stephen Seligman, D.M.H.                                                                            1

                            Thinking Differently: Principles of Process in Living Systems and
                            the Specificity of Being Know
                                 Louis W. Sander, M.D.                                                                                   11

                         The Rhythm of Recognition: Comments on the Work of Louis Sander
                                    Jessica Benjamin, Ph.D.                                                                              43

                            An Appreciation of the Contribution of Louis W. Sander
                                    Arnold H. Modell, M.D.                                                                                  55

                         The Texture of Fields: Commentary on the Contributions of Louis
                                    Stephen A. Mitchell, Ph.D.                                                                            65

                         A Model of Infant Mood States and Sanderian Affective Waves
                                 E. Z. Tronik, Ph.D.                                                                                            73

                          Exploring Ferenczi's Concept of Identification with the Agressor:
                           Its Role in Trauma, Everyday Life, and the Therapeutic
                                  Jay Frankel, Ph.D.                                                                                      101

                          Identifying With the Other - A Conflictual, Vital Necessity:
                            Commentary on Paper by Jay Fankel
                                    Emanuel Berman, Ph.D.                                                                             141

                          Identification With the Agressor: An Interactive Tactic or an
                            Intrapsychi Tomb? Commentary on Paper by Jay Frankel
                                    Carlo Bonomi, Ph.D.                                                                                  153

                            Identification and "Traumatic Aloneness": Reply to Commentaries
                            by Berman and Bonomi
                                    Jay Frankel, Ph.D.                                                                                      159


* Stephen Mitchell was coeditor of this symposium before his untimely death.


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