aperturas psicoanalíticas

aperturas psicoanalíticas

revista internacional de psicoanálisis

Número 007 2001 Revista Internacional de Psicoanálisis Aperturas

Temario Psy. Q., LXIX, 3 (2000)

Autor: Aperturas Psicoanalíticas



    Volume LXIX                             2000                             No. 3

                                LEONARD SHENGOLD. Is There Life without Mother?                                                    445

                                ROSEMARY H. BALSAM. The Mother within the Mother                                                 465

                              DAVID G. POWER. On Trying Something New: Effort
                                       and Practice in Psychoanalytic Change                                                            493

                                ANDREA CELENZA. Sadomasochistic Relating: What´s
                                        Sex Got to Do with It?                                                                                          527

                                CHARLES BRENNER. Brief Communication: Evenly
                                        Hovering Attention                                                                                                545

                                MARION MICHEL OLINER. Brief Communication:
                                        Playing Games Versus Being Fooled                                                                     551

                                BOOK REVIEW. N. Chodorow.  The Power of  Feelings:Personal Meaning
                                        in Psychoanalysis, Gender, and Culture. J. Kantrowitz: The Patient´s
                                        Impact on the Analyst. H. Bacal, Editor: Optimal Responsiveness:
                                        How Therapists Heal Their Patients. J. Clarkin, F. Yeomans, and
                                        O. Kernberg: Psychotherapy for Borderline Personality. E. Spitz: Inside
                                        Picture Books. N. Ginsburg and R. Ginsburg, Editors: Psychoanalysis
                                        and Culture at the Millennium. V. Sanguineti: Landscapes in My Mind: The
                                        Origins and Structure of the Subjective Experience.                                                553

                                ANWENDUNGEN. LIII, 6, 1999; LIII, 11, 1999; LIII, 12, 1999;  LIV, 1,2000                         591

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